Hier kun je enkele boektitels vinden die voor mij een inspiratie zijn (geweest) op mijn pad als healer, als  toegewijde vrouw aan de sacred feminine en in mijn passie en toewijding aan Awakening. Door op de onderstaande afbeeldingen te klikken, wordt je doorgestuurd naar de link op Amazon.

De omschrijving van de boeken is in het Engels.


Energy Healing

Hands of Light

The 1st book of B. Brennan about the human energy field and healing. Very informative and deep. Not only written for professional energy workers but also for individuals who are interested in the energetic nature of the human being.

Eastern Body, Western Mind

In this book Anodea Judith dives into the 7 main energy centers and the deficiencies occurring when they are not healthy. She also connects the character structures from Lowen to the unbalanced chakra's. Extensive information about chakra psychology.

Light Emerging

The 2nd book written by B. Brennan. In this book she explores the deeper dimensions of the human energy field: healing through the higher spiritual realities. She also writes about the healing process and healing & relationships.

Core Light Healing

This 3rd book of B. Brennan is only a few years old and covers a very specific theme: the fourth level of the energy field (astral) and relationships. It is a very interesting book to read when being familiar with her other books.

Sacred Feminine, Womb Mysteries, Tantra

Womb Awakening

Very enhanced book about the sacred feminine. With a lot of knowledge! A thick book, written by a couple. A. & S. Bertrand

Women's Anatomy of Arousal - Secret Maps to Buried Pleasure

This book is full of humor! It is all about the feminine sexual organ and sex. Very respectfully written. Holistic approach to sexuality. I would say a beautiful book for every girl becoming a woman and for every woman who wants to deepen her understanding about her yoni and sexuality. Written by S. Winston

The Forbidden Female Speaks

Written by the Dutch channeler Pamela Kribbe. A channeled book where Mary Magdalene speaks about the sacred feminine, sexuality and sacred love relationships.

Tantric Orgasm for Women

A great introduction to Tantric Lovemaking. Directed to women. Beautiful book when you are searching for a deepening and more fulfilling experience of sex and intimacy. The writer also wrote a book for men (Tantric Sex for Men). Great to read at the same time with your partner.

Emergence of the Sensual Women

Juicy book about cultivating sensuality as a woman. The second part is all about the yoni egg and practices. Best book I have seen on yoni egg practices. Written by S. Désilets, Ph.D.

A Cry From the Womb

This book is especially interesting when you are a holistic health care practitioner and interested in the womb and the traumas that can be stored there. It is a touching book, talking about lost souls after sudden death, miscarriage, stillbirth and abortion. In my opinion very important material. It has the potency to change your view on miscarriage, abortion and the interconnectedness of all beings. Also supportive and interesting when you have experienced the loss of a soul from your womb. Written by G.A. Jones

The Art of Sexual Ecstacy; the Path of Sacred Sexuality for Western Lovers

Extensive information on tantra, accessibly written. Margot Anand has written different books on tantra.

Wild Feminine

Intimate book about self-healing and stored trauma in the yoni and pelvic area. Written by the pelvic floor therapist T.L. Kent.

Awakening, Self Realisation

The Diamond In Your Pocket

This book is about self-realization. Absolutely beautifully simplistic. With one core message: Just Stop. Stop with your story that keeps creates suffering. The audio conversations with Gangaji are great too.

Only Love is Real

A beautiful book about reincarnation and soulmates. Written by the psychiatrist Dr. B. Weiss. A narration about two of his patients. From 1995 but still great.

Anna, Grandmother of Jesus

My favorite book! In this book, Anna the grandmother of Yeshua is channeled. She shares her life story, about Mary Ann, Yeshua, Mary Magdalene and the order of the Essenes. This book contains deep wisdom and energy transmission. Full of self-empowering content to Remember your Divinity. Written by C. Heartsong

The Awakening Guide

Small but strong book about the process of Awakening. In the most simplistic and purest way. Written by B. Greenwell, PhD