“These sessions have been so precious. They have helped bring clarity to the issues I’ve held and reconnection with those parts of self that felt lost or forgotten. They have guided to find that space of safety and trust within.

More specifically the sessions with womb healing have helped greatly with transforming the experience of menstruation from a very painful and dreaded experience to a beautiful and deeply connecting experience with my inner realms and womb. An experience that is now more tenderly embraced.”

“A few weeks ago, Yara noticed that my left ear was energetically clogged. I recently learned that the physical state of the ears reflects the body health. When I was two years old, I had different ear infections. Now, when I go out swimming, I experience stuffy ears due to the water. And since a few years, I experience tinnitus, sometimes so bad that I cannot sleep because of it.

Yara started working energetically, in an attempt to remove the blocked energy and let the energy flow again in my left ear. At one point it felt like a bulk of blackness or heaviness was being removed. It felt so liberating! The day after the healing my ear was stuffy again. How can that be, I wondered? I applied some oil drops in my ear, to soften the earwax and in the following two days my ear removed everything by itself! So it appeared the ear was not only energetically clogged, but physically as well! I am really happy with this experience, since the tinnitus went really down as well, and I feel more relaxed and alive!

In my experience is Yara a very good, intuitive healer, noticing problems you didn’t know about before! And then obviously heals them, all in the name of Love, full of devotion, to make one stronger and more connected with the true self.”

“Three months before this womb healing, I had an abortion. Although it was a conscious choice to not continue the pregnancy, the grief was deep. While laying down and receiving a womb healing, the soul of this child suddenly appeared to me and told me why he had come. What he came to learn me. It was wonderful to see and feel him, there was no anger or blame, only love and acceptance of what happened. This child came and left for a reason and in that moment I understood. That was a great gift.”